Cool-lite GC skylights provide diffused light with low heat transmission. Factories, supermarkets, warehouses, shopping centres, schools, gymnasiums and sports stadiums are prime examples of buildings where heat reduction sheeting is beneficial. In fact, in most single level buildings Cool-lite GC provides natural, diffused light that can replace, or supplement energy hungry electric illumination. If existing fibreglass sheeting is replaced with Cool-lite GC, transmitted temperatures and glare are reduced and air-conditioning efficiency is improved. All current and most superseded roofing profiles are available and there are no width restrictions. The special resins and colouring agents used by Ampelite are the best available, resulting in a very durable product. Both discolouration and scratch resistance are excellent and Cool-lite GC retains its great appearance with minimal maintenance.
Cool-lite GC incorporates gel coat surface protection as used for Wonderglas GC premium grade sheeting. The highest quality materials available and the very latest resin technology are used in the manufacturing process. Cool-lite GC can also be manufactured to incorporate the fire retardant properties of Ampelite SR76.