Insulation Innovation

With your family’s comfort and safety at the forefront of our thoughts, the team at Green Insulation has been manufacturing durable, energy saving and environmentally friendly reflective insulation since 2008. To help you make the right insulation choice, we do all the research and development, using new technologies on your behalf, to bring a range of products to the market which are perfect for all your residential projects. Let us help you towards a more efficient and sustainable future for yourself and your family. Safety, long lasting comfort and energy savings make Green Insulation the product of choice for the harsh Fijian climate.

We offer a unique range of products for roofs, walls and floors to suit all your residential needs. Our patented Reflecta—Coat™ guarantees protection against corrosion and oxidization, as well as providing a moisture barrier. This, teamed with eleven other layers of innovative insulation, ultimately provides long term, high thermal performance that will well outlast the manufacturer’s guarantee and ultimately drive down energy costs for you over the years.

Green Insulation reduces building heating and cooling energy usage by reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat. By reflecting heat rather than absorbing it, this results in substantial energy savings in warm climates. In cooler climates it achieves significant reduction in indoor heat loss through the ceiling, walls and floor. Combined, these savings allow you to spend your hard earned savings on yourself and your family!

The R-values for Green Insulation are amongst the highest in the industry and they will not decrease due to the effects of moisture, humidity or compression, as some traditional bulk insulation products may do.