Storm-Tite isn’t your typical roofing fastener; it has many advantages over traditional roofing screws and many benefits for both the roofer and consumer. Adding to its value is the fact that it is designed to withstand a category 5 cyclone/hurricane.

Storm-Tite means better aesthetic roof appearance compared to older more cumbersome cyclonic assemblies and with its large domed washer it means peace of mind from leaking roof penetrations.

In addition this roofing screw’s unique ‘flat-head’ design eliminates debris build up on indented head which can accelerate early corrosion because of a build up of contaminates, no more rust forming on top of the head.

These fasteners are available selected colours

Advantages of using Storm-Tite

  • One Screw fits most metal roofing profiles
  • Storm-Tite means better aesthetic roof appearance
  • Unique domed washer flattens upon contact, providing a visual proof of seal
  • Re-roof applications /maintenance due to penetrations leaking or replacing those rusty screws
  • Patented unique ‘Flat-Head’ for increased corrosion protection
  • One piece metal assembly eliminated the need to align a separate washer
  • A category 5 rated roofing fastener for peace of mind

Disadvantages of using traditional fasteners

  • A different shaped fastener is required for each roofing profile
  • Debris could lodge under the plate and predispose the fastener to premature corrosion, reducing the life of the screw and life of the roof
  • Leaks from roof penetrations, if the screw is installed off-centre the potential for leakage and water ingress is high
  • The shape and height of the traditional cyclonic assembly doesn’t add to the aesthetics of the roof
  • Issues with plates fastener being different colours or extra time is required to assembly