Exclusive to LYSAGHT®
TRIMDEK®, available exclusively from LYSAGHT®, is a modern ribbed profile with subtle square fluting in the pans that provide strength and long spanning capabilities. It is ideal for use in contemporary style homes as well for industrial and commercial applications.

Your Guarantee of Quality
Look for the LYSAGHT® brand on every sheet of TRIMDEK®, your guarantee of quality. With the
extensive research and development that goes into each and every product of this internationally
recognized company, you can be sure that you are getting the very best in Fiji.


Colourful Choices
The choice of colours available in LYSAGHT® TRIMDEK® will amaze you. Like the attractive range of fourteen COLORBOND® XRW prepainted steel colours, four unique COLORGRAIN® Designer prepainted steel colours and ZINCALUME® coated steel.

You may also want to consider the further enhanced COLORBOND® Metallic, which provides superior aesthetic qualities, and COLORBOND® Ultra, developed for the more severe coastal or industrial environments, both available on inquiry.

Smart Appearance
Because LYSAGHT® TRIMDEK® and its accessories, such as ridge caps, guttering and down pipes, are available in custom cut long lengths, you don’t have to worry about the lapping (joining), so you are able to have a clean uninterrupted flow to your roof ensuring a water tight, smart and attractive finish.

Mix and Match
The great thing about the extensive range of LYSAGHT® TRIMDEK® colours and accessories is that you have a multitude of choices which will enable you to achieve a truly beautiful and distinctive look.

Design Freedom
Long lengths and a special anticapillary side lap allow LYSAGHT® TRIMDEK® to be used safely on pitches from as low as 2 degrees (1 in 30) to vertical. Therefore, it basically means that there are no restrictions on the capabilities of TRIMDEK®.

Economical Construction
The combination of the patented TRIMDEK® profile and high strength steel ensures LYSAGHT® has a product with excellent spanning capabilities and remarkable recovery after deformation. The strength, spanning ability, lightness and rigidity of LYSAGHT® TRIMDEK® enables significant savings because of its ability to allow the use of wider support spacing with safety.

Measure and Quote
We always go the extra mile for our customers and that’s why we offer a free measure and quote service for all your project requirements – so you know exactly what is required to make your home, warehouse, factory, shed, carport, fence … beautiful.

One Call Gets It All
We provide everything you need, with one phone call, one order and without wasting your time. So for your next project, it makes sense to call LYSAGHT®.

Come to Us
Contact or visit us for free LYSAGHT® colour charts and samples or if you have any questions that requires further information. And that includes detailed installation guidelines and load tables for LYSAGHT® TRIMDEK®.

How To Specify

“The cladding shall be LYSAGHT® TRIMDEK® manufactured from COLORBOND®
XRW 0.42mm BMT in Mist Green”. *
* The section in italics in this example should be replaced with the material, thickness and colour
(if applicable) specific to your project.

Recommended Fasteners

Softwood Timber:
     Class 4, No. 14-10 x 75mm, Type 17 Screws with Complete Cyclonic Assembly
Hardwood Timber:
     Class 4, No. 14-10 x 65mm, Type 17 Screws with Complete Cyclonic Assembly
Steel 1.00mm to 3.00mm:
     Class 4, No. 14-10 x 50mm, Teks Screws with Complete Cyclonic Assembly

Available Immediately

0.42mm Min. BMT 0.48mm BMT 0.55mm BMT
COLORBOND® XRW yes yes yes
COLORBOND® Ultra yes
COLORGRAIN® Designer yes
ZINCALUME® yes yes
GALVSTEEL® yes yes